Rosé, White and Sparkle- Happy 4th!

“Happy Easter, Happy 4th of July! I hope you’re happy with your birthday bean pie…”

Excuse me while I sing  Happy Brthday to America. (Oh, I’m the only one that watches A Different World re-runs??? I didn’t think so.)

Church Announcement: THANK YOU times infinity for all the comments, likes, shares and texts on my first post! Some of you know how long it has taken me to launch this passion and to have to the confidence to execute so having your support is half the battle. Muahhhh!!

I will keep this short and sweet because somebody’s grill is calling me!

Today, I’m featuring three American made wines. All of these can be found at your local grocery store since a lot of the specialty shops are closed tomorrow. Not so much Wal-Mart.  I was in there today as last result and none of these were there.  Whomp.  Remember; don’t let the labels intimidate you. Most likely, you have seen the brand but you didn’t know what was in the bottle. 

Note to self: Tasting notes are flavors you will taste from the tip of your tongue (sweet and salty) to the sides (sour) and the back (bitter) to the swallow.  I will have an entire post on this in the future.

  1. Chloe Chardonnay (California 2013-13.5%)

Tasting notes: honey, melon, oak and apple

Price: under $10

This is a very light but buttery chardonnay. Chill before use. I usually eat this with a light chicken dish or chicken and seafood skewers. If you try this with barbecue chicken let me know! I’m not a big fan on sauces and wine but I would be curious to see what the after taste is like.


  1. Josh Cellars Rosé (California 2015-12.5%)

Tasting notes: Strawberries, peach and Moscato

Price: under $10

This is the newest edition to the Josh Cellars Winery collection. I have only found this at Target and 3 bottles later this is my summer wine! Yeah I know. Moscato.  Never say never, people. It contains less than 10% so don’t get too excited. I didn’t taste the Moscato initially but then I reviewed the notes from Josh, purchased bottle number 2 and there it was. Chill first and go for your ribs and meats on this one.  You can also twist the cap and enjoy solo!


  1. Michelle Brut (Washington 2014-2016-11.5%)

Tasting notes: Apple, limes and baked bread

Price: under $15

Mimosas, anyone? They are not just for the morning time! Try this light champagne with a slice of pound cake or mix with a light juice. My favorite mixer is the Orange Peach Mango juice at Trader Joe’s. Greet your guests with a glass or enjoy while watching the fireworks!


So that is it! Now, do you part! Tag and share with me @certifieddeja when you get your holiday wine selections even if it’s not my recommendations from today!  I support all forms of alcohol indulgence. Govern yourself accordingly and enjoy!

The Curious Oenophilist


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