Dear Moscato

Dear Moscato,

I remember like it was yesterday; strolling the aisle of Wal-Mart and approaching an end-cap and there you were, for the value price of $2.99. How could I deny you? You fit into my struggling college student budget and became a conversation piece amongst friends. I didn’t try you because I heard Drake mention your name in a song I was curious. I only had wine a few times prior– sneaking a few drips of box wine from my parent’s fridge and Sunday communion.

But that was on accident. Pastor didn’t know to switch up the serving trays for the young adults, and being as developed as I was at the tender age of 12 (have you seen this body??), how was he supposed to know? After that one swallow, I just remember looking to my right and left, rising from the altar and returning to my pew next to grandma and grabbing a peppermint. I never forgot this euphoric dose.

See Moscato, you weren’t like that box wine or communion wine. You were something familiar like watermelon in a Jello shot.  I devoured plenty of those in my days. And I can’t deny that all my friends liked you too. You seemed to be at every function and we could never quite figure out what the D’Asti was about (but now I know it’s a region in Italy where the grape comes from). What some people don’t know is that you made your way to our hearts during the recession, a time when wine sales were plummeting. A lot of your wine cohorts were luxury expenses, not bare necessities. But you were stable. Cheap, but stable. You have always been around as a dessert wine at those fancy restaurants but you revved up your marketing strategy to appeal to young, urban palates–black people.  You see, a lot of us had never experience wine like you before. Boxed, maybe? Arbor Mist? Well, sure. But we all know that is not real wine. Is it?? You were not Wild Irish Rose or MD 20/20, so branching out required a bit more sophistication and risk taking.

So I bid adieu for I know there is more out there. I have been to the mountain top! (Well, not quite, but you get the idea). I will tell people about your other friends- the Blancs, Noirs, the blends and blushes so they too, can ignite their taste buds. I will embrace the new and old, travel to your foreign lands in hopes of opening eyes and expanding minds. I don’t know everything and that’s so exciting! I’m inviting people on a journey of the unknown and somewhat overwhelming world of wine! Oh Moscato, I can’t say we will never meet again–maybe in a wine slushy or the zombie apocalypse or the return of Jesus, whichever comes first.  But even then, Moscato, you are not the only wine on the shelf.


The Curious Oenophilist


10 thoughts on “Dear Moscato

  1. Oh my has moscato sparked a wine flare in me as well & it will truly be pleasure to enjoy this vine journey with you; as I have already enlisted you as my wine connoisseur. This has been a long time coming & I can’t wait to read more & share your knowledge, hoping to expand your audience along with my wine list.


  2. Hello deja this is a well spoken post . I didn’t know you can spell so well 😀 . seriously great job and I know what to get you for a gift now and moscato needs to now about the love you are showing them


  3. I have enjoyed your blog thoroughly and will await the next steps in your journey. I too am becoming more awakened to the vast world of Wines!

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  4. Loving the blog girl! I was madly in love with Moscato, but after having affairs with Riesling I decided to break off the relationship completely. I can’t wait to try your recommendations and continue this journey with you.


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