Just Pick One!


It’s Wednesday people and we are half way through the day! Is your week a little bleh? Mine is! Maybe I’m just ready for a vacation. I’m playing around with these themes on here so bear with me while I work out some kinks. Ever revolving, remember??

I’m here to drop off 2 helpful wine charts for your upcoming wine explorations. Often people ask me how do I know what to buy?? Do I just close my eyes and pick one on the shelf? Or do I make an educated guess? I found charts like these pretty helpful when I first started exploring wine because essentially it’s about your taste and your mood. Every region, varietal and brand wants to tap into your taste buds.So navigate your next wine aisle or store with ease and let me know where it takes you.  I take no credit for these-most I found on Pinterest! You can follow me on there, too.

Let me just say Wine Folly is #goals. I just ordered the book this week, so you know a review is coming.


I know it looks like a bad flowchart but hear me out on this one. The Wine Folly has combined almost every possible option for buying wine except what to bring to the last supper. The hexagons are your wine suggestions.  I used it for a birthday party of a girl I didn’t know but I didn’t want to show up empty handed. She was young and I knew bringing liquor would be an overkill. So for her I chose a nice Rosé along the lines of a sweet Riesling for her. Usually I add the wines I buy to the app, Vivino but I was distracted by free wine at 201 Central. I will try to make my way up there this week to add it to my profile. 

Next up- I have a very simple pairing chart I found. This one gives you the most popular wine varietals and gives every day examples of what you will be pairing it with. It’s not like you eat duck confit every day so let’s take the fluff out of wine drinking and enjoy it with your favorite chicken or beef recipe.


So study up and be a savvier sipper next time. Visit my Pinterest page, Vino This for more useful charts! Let me know if they are useful or if you have any questions. As always Share, Tag and Tweet me to all your social media–TheDejaVines. Cheers!

Updated at 8pm… It’s my wine blog and I can add what I want. Lol 

Found another chart. My whole purpose of this blog is  is for beginners!! 


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